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Everyone’s grief experience is unique and personal. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Grief can be unpredictable and we may experience emotions we have not experienced before. Reactions to grief can range from being overwhelmed to discomfort or feelings of relief.

When you lose someone important to you, it is heartbreaking and very difficult.

Grief is a natural response to the loss of someone special in our lives. While grieving, we are trying to come to terms with the loss and change in our life resulting from the death of our loved one.  Grief is not something that we must overcome, it is a life experience and a vital part of our human growth. 

There is no time frame for grief after the death of someone close.

Grief takes as long as it takes.  Just as we take time to establish a relationship with someone, learning to live with our loss takes time.  It is important to be gentle with yourself during this time.  Seek out support and allow others to help you.

Experiences of grief are many and varied.

Regardless of what the relationship was actually like, being able to accept the finality of the loss and find comfort in memories of that person helps us along.  We give ourselves the space to mourn, grieve and honour our relationship with those who have died.  Each situation is different.   We know the person has died, but in thinking and talking about them, we find we have not lost everything. We can maintain an enduring bond with the one who has died.

Talking about grief and bereavement, eases its intensity and our sense of aloneness or isolation.

For the person who has suffered the loss, there will be significant adjustments. Most of us learn to live with our experiences of grief and bereavement with the support of family and friends. Grief provides an opportunity for deeper human connection.  If you are struggling to manage and would like to speak with someone beyond your family or closed friends there are a number of organisations that can help.

Contacts to assist

Avondale Memorial SDA Church website (02) 4977 1251
Avondale College Church website (02) 4980 2272
Hillview SDA Church website 0403 344 360
Lakeside SDA Church website 0413 787 144
Dora Creek SDA Church website 0413 787  144
Griefline website 1300 845 745
Lifeline website 13 11 14
Beyond Blue website 1300 224 636






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